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June 18, 2006


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Yo! Sos i haven’t been posting for AGES! Well, loads of stuff has been happening and well, y’know, you just forget! So… Anyway… Here’s the lowdown on my weekend…

Friday: Weird Day… The Evil Tech Project lol, … Not much happened…

Saturday: Went to Dancing… Danced a bit … Went to Sue’s after… Ate lots of Pizza … stuff…

Sunday: Went to Llandudno with Vix, t’was ace!!! Cheese on Wheels lol!… By the Way, THe Prank Wars Between Vix and Paul have begun, I will keep you updated…

Vix got some Shaving Creams, and, well… It went EVERYWHERE (Mostly on Paul)… You should have seen the shop assistants face lol!!!!

Score: Vix: 1 Paul: 0!

3 Responses to “Heya!”

  1. Vicki Says:

    Waiting to go down to boots and buy nair cream!!lol

  2. Caroline Says:

    Hi Jamie
    Thanks for writing on my web, sounds fun what you want – let me hear more about it… what’s your email or msn..

    Hugs Caroline.

  3. Caroline Says:

    by the way – I love playing and acting – so I hope it’ll come true what you’re boss wants to happen.. write back to me, maybe you could sing with me on my next cd, I’m in the studio from oktober this year.
    Hugs Caroline