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January 4, 2006


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Hey PPL! Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soz that i havent blogged 4 a while coz ive been really busy!! OK quick catch up, New Yrs Eve – Slept at K8s New yrs day – Had a massive brekkie at sues (thanks sue!) and then went home and chilled. 2nd jan – Went out 4 a meal with Grandma and Carole. 3rd Jan – Went 2 Borders and Hobby Craft (Mum) 2 spend vouchers.
2day – goin 2 da library! Back 2 skool 2moz ….

Thank u’s – To Thom, Bekki, Graham and Jackie 4 da Borders Vouchers

To grandma 4 da 2 bags of Prezzies!!!

To Carole 4 her bag of Prezzies!

2 all ma m8s dat got me a prezzie (Elz, sarah K, Bex, Vix, Chaz)

Thanks 2 ma “Secret Santa” who got me sum Belgian Choccies!!

Thanks 2 Steve Kim and Megan 4 all ma Prezzies

Thanks 2 ma Mum and Dad 4 getting me a new fone!!!

Thanks 2 Chloe and Michelle and Chris 4 da Prezzies

Thanks 2 Paula and Pete and Millie 4 da prezzies!

Thanks 2 K8 and Sue and Connor and Rob 4 all da Prezzies!!!

Thanks 2 Ade and Ore aswell!!!

And most of all, Thanks 2 Grandma 4 Gettin me an IPOD!!!!!!!!

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