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July 31, 2005


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Today I went for a meal with Grandma, Carole, mum, dad and Uncle Ade, we went to the Legh Arms and I had Italian Chicken ( as usual ) and then I stuffed my self with Caramel ice cream.
Tomorrow, Mum and Me are going to Morrisons for a ” BIG Shop !” More Tomorrow.

Saturday Night

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Last Night I went to see Charlie, ( again ) but this time I saw it at Grand Central and guess what, Jordan Woodall and Jack Harris were there. And, Yes, they almost did get thrown out. And I got A Djeme Drum from Mum and Dad for doing well in my SATS ( I got straight level 5s ) Today I’m going out for a meal with Grandma coz It was her 75th birthday On Wednesday. More later

July 30, 2005


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Yesteday I went to St Bedes to get all my Uniform and It only took 3 quarters of an hour! After that I went to Didsbury Cinema, to see Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and we had the best seats ever! After that I went to the Bell House for some ice cream, and the Ice Cream was GIGANTIC!!!!! Then I went to see Grandma for a Bit. After that I went home to chill and have chippy 4 tea, What a good start to the Summer Hols!!

July 27, 2005

hello again

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Hello! im at School at the mo. ive got reward time and I decided 2 update this coz i havent done it 4 a while. so….. em…. Oh I know! Its the school disco 2day!
thats about it.
see ya

July 26, 2005

Hi Peoples

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Hello Peoples, this is my new blog! I am still using Neo Maniacs ( Kinda ) but I will be posting on here more often.