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Hidden Places

the_author() avatar Posted By: Jamz @ 17:20, May 28, 2006
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There are many hidden places in Neopia, and here are just some of them!
The Faerie Statue
This is a weird old statue that was found at the bottom of Maraqua. I don’t think it really means anything… yet.
Jelly World
Many people say that Jelly World dosen’t exist, but trust me, it does.
Paintbrush Competition
This was a competition held ages ago to determine the next paintbrush.
Bad Pets
What can I say? These were the pets that didn’t make it, and I think I know why…
Mumbo Pango
Aahh!!! A big scary picture of Mumbo Pango!
Neopets Demo
A really cool demo video-advert thingy for Neopets. It’s good, watch it.
Draik Nest
When you have a Draik Egg, take it here and it will turn into a Draik!!
Talking Parrot
This was part of the Lost Desert Plot, but know it’s just there, babbling on about random stuff
Fungus Caves
When you have a lickle Krawk petpet, you take it to here, and it turns into a Krawk!!
Deactivation Console
This was part of the Neopets V2 plot, but know it’s just useless.
Hidden Tower
This is it, the one, the only, Hidden Tower!!! Their prices are very *cheap*

If there are any I have missed out, leave a comment and I will give you credit when I put it on the site. Thank you.

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