All about Jamz!

Hey! This page is all about Jamz!


Thats me, Jamz. Here’s ma profile:

Name – Jamie Little

Nicknames – Jamz, Jammie Dodger, Jelly, Monica, Jumanji, Lil Jamz, and just J

Age – Old enuf 2 know better, young enuf not 2 care

Lives – Manchesta, England, GB, Europe, The World, The Milky Way, The Universe

Starsign – Leo da Lion *rarr*


Animal – Yorkie Terrier *yap yap yap*
Movie – Mean Girls, def. Oh! or da Nightmare Before Xmas!
Song – Amy Studt – Ladder in my Tights
Food – Choccie or Tortilla Chips!
Singer – Amy Studt or Mandah
Band – Linkin Park! *mimes mosh pit*
Actor and Actress – Johnny Depp, and Lindsay Lohan
Colour – Deep Purple, Black or Hot Pink!
Book – Theif by Malorie Blackman
Character – Dory from Finding Nemo *just keep swimming la la la*


Animal – Slug *eww*
Movie – er… dunno
Song – Amarillo *nooooo*
Food – Limp Salad
Singer – Hilary Duff *evil*
Band – Girls Aloud! *tra la la*
Actor and Actress – Orlando Bloom and er… dunno again!
Colour – Baby Pink or Puke Green
Book – My brother Bernadette by Jaquiline Wilson *shock horror gasp!!*
Character – Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh!

More about me!

I write my own songs, and love to be creative. My 2 bezzies for life are Chaz and Charlie, and we will always be bezzies! I love getting messy, and never bother straitening my hair! (although I h8 it frizzy!) I am in U3 wubble-u and get the best bus ever, the B90! (go dave da bus driver)

10 useless facts about me!

1. I only like Red Leister cheese

2. I h8 show offs

3. I once met a demon caterpillar called Bobby

4. The Sims 2 won’t work on my computer

5. I am addicted to Neopets

6. I am scared of Contact lenses

7. I have an I-pod

8. I always say “aww Bless”

9. Madonna scares me

10. I eat my cadburys creme egg like so: bite the top off, then eat all the creme-iness then eat the rest of da egg!

Well, thats all for now!

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