Note: I decided not to do an application saying WHY I would like Lavender_dream, but instead a petpage, which will, if I adopt her, be made into her petpage. All the content you read is how I see Lavender_dream in my eyes, how she comes across to me, that sort of thing. So, Happy Reading!


Hello! I'm Lavender_dream the Maraquan Korbat, but you can call me Lavender, everyone does, apart from my Grandma! This is my petpage, all about yours truly!

My Story

I was born on a hot sunny day, just outside the Maraquan Petpet Shop. It must have been near Peophin Day, because Maraqua was positively teeming with the pets, most of which Maraquan, but some were from far flung lands, such as Mystery Island and the Lost Desert. Only minutes old and I had already seen hundreds of Peophins! Not many pets have that on their CV, eh?

Anyway, I grew up in a small group of Maraquan Korbats, in a labyrinth of caves and tunnels, underneath Maraqua. Little Known Fact: Korbats are extremely industrious creatures, we love to make things! I lived with my Mum (Mina), my three Sisters (Rose, Lily and Violet), my Aunt (Regina) and my two Cousins (Kyra and Milara) and we got on well (Most of the time, once I got into such an argument with Kyra, that it lasted for weeks on end!)

So, one fateful Autumn day, I was playing Gormbal with Kyra, Milara, Rose and Violet (Lily was sulking, as usual), when the ground started to rumble. We put it down to an earthquake, and carried on with our game. Then, cracks started to appear in the floor, and we really got scared.

We all ran inside, where we found Mum and Aunt Regina eating scones at the table. Rose burbled something about cracks and quakes, so Mum looked outside, and practically screamed with fright! She told me to go and get Lily from her room and meet her outside. I did so, and when Lily and I reached the tunnel exit, Mum told us to jump into the ocean and swim for our lives! Now, Rose wasn't too happy about this, because she hated the water, so guess who had to carry her? Me, of course!

We swam as fast as we could, but the tides split us up. Mum and Lily were swept north, Regina and Kyra went to the east, Milara and Violet were hauled down south and Rose and I, we kept on swimming, although I was growing weak. Soon we reached a place called Neopia Central, and were taken to the pound, where we found out that Maraqua had been destroyed, and now lay in ruins, underwater.

I was completely devastated (Rose had been adopted by this point) that my home, my birthplace, was no more.

Then, I was adopted by a girl called Joanne, who was extremely kind. I was so relieved that I wasn't going to have to stay in the pound all my life. One day, Joanne told me she was going to put me up for adoption, and, of course, I was devastated! She explained that it wasn't going to be the pound, but instead a really cool agency called the D.L.A.A, where Joanne would find me a kind, caring owner. There she saw an application for me by a girl called Jamz, and after a lot of consideration, Jamz was chosen to become my new owner. I miss Joanne a lot, but I am loving my new life with Jamz!

My Family

Keep_on_Moovin is the second oldest in the family (I am the Oldest) and quite bossy! She loves organising things, and always sorts out problems!

Note: This picture was of Eternal BEFORE we started zapping, so she may have changed a bit! Eternal_Flame is definitely the girly girl of the family, and she just loves to shop! A word of advice: Never get dragged into a shopping expedition with her, it may last weeks! Although at the moment, she is being Lab-Rayed and refuses to go out in public until she looks alright!

Tamsin is the baby of the family, and boy does she play up to it! She loves to help people, and gets really annoyed when she can't do jobs around the house! How weird is that?!

My Friends

Estelle_2006 is a really good friend, and she is always there or me when something bad happens, or when I get upset.

Pasta_hunni is one of my oldest friends and I do everything with her, from Gormball to getting toys repaired at Donny's Shop!

Spaghetti_dudette is really cool, and we always go shopping together. Don't tell her I said this, but she can be a bit bossy at times!


Red Korbat Keyring — What else could be better than a lovely Korbat on your keys!

Korbat Halloween — What a Book! It's all about these Korbats who take over Halloween!

Korbat Games — A book full of fun games, just for Korbats! My favourite is The Hoop Dive!

Fruity Korbites — The perfect treat for your precious Korbat (hint hint)


Wooden Korbat Bat and Ball Game — No! Don't hit me!! Please!

Blue Evil Fuzzle — Nooooo!! Why did you make that avatar TNT?!

Sloth Ruler — What is the Point? Ewwww!!!! What's with the Slime?

Meepit Chair — Seriously, why was this invented again? Like anyone's going to sit on it!

My Idol

My Idol is Koya, Korbat Huntress, because she is one of the only Warrior-Maidens, and she always defends her friends and family, putting others before herself. Koya is amazing at flying and is skilled with a sword, which makes her indestructible. I wish that one day, I could be as good at flying as she is!


My goals… There are so many! Firstly, I would love to win the Beauty Contest or the Pet Spotlight, and make Jamz proud. I would also like to win the Annual Korbat Flying Contest, and get a Gold Medal! But I think my longest standing and biggest goal is to find my sisters again.


Here is some artwork Jamz has done of me. I think it's very good, do you?


This is the end of my Petpage/Application, I hope you enjoyed it, and may be this petpage could one day be transferred to Lavender_dreams page. How about it?

Best Regards,